H8 Wins: Business Insider Senior Political Reporter: ‘Cheer’ Gay Marriage or ‘Go F*ck ‘ Yourself


Hunter Walker, a senior political reporter at Business Insider (a left-wing publication that disguises itself as objective), tore into those who do not “cheer” same sex marriage Friday. Using his verified Twitter account, Walker wrote, “As far as I’m concerned … anyone … who suggests gay marriage should be anything but cheered can go fuck themselves.”

Becket Adams is a media reporter for the DC Examiner.

Walker did say in another Tweet that  he does not support suing a Church that refuses to perform a same sex marriage, but we would be foolish to believe him. The Left has been lying about same sex marriage for more than 20 years:

1995: We only want civil unions, not marriage.

2005: Our marriage will not affect your rights.

2014: Bake our cake or be bullied and fined out of business.

2015: It is now illegal for you to speak out against same sax marriage.

2015: Cheer same sex marriage or go fuck yourself.

Only the anti-science would believe Walker (or Business Insider) would do anything other than join the mob attacking a church that refused to perform a gay marriage.

Walker’s hate is just another episode in a growing list of intolerance and rage we’re seeing from a Left emboldened by a Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage across all 50 states.

George Takei, a high-profile gay marriage advocate, has twice now launched racist attacks against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (who voted against legalizing gay marriage in a 5-4 decision).

A judge in Oregon has issued a gag order against Christian bakers, a cease and desist that denies them the right to speak out against gay marriage.

The Gaystapo is on the ascent.


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