Gutfeld: ‘Gun-Free Zone’ Is Liberal for ‘Sitting Duck’

AP/Amarillo Globe-News, Michael Schumacher
AP/Amarillo Globe-News, Michael Schumacher

On February 24, Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld said the terror threat against Minnesota’s Mall of America (MOA) has exposed the “obvious truth” that “the phrase ‘gun-free zones’ is liberal of ‘sitting duck.'”

Gutfeld said, “‘Gun-free’ is music to the ears of fiends who target the unarmed on purpose.”

He then reminded viewers that the Soldier Readiness Processing Center at Fort Hood was gun-free when Nidal Hasan used a gun to shoot defenseless soldiers. “If you think that was a coincidence, then 9/11 happened because of fog.” He pointed out that Hasan’s attack was stopped only after he was shot, and Gutfeld said this shows that “a massacre’s duration is dictated by the time [it takes for] other bullets [to] arrive.”

He added, “Research shows felons avoid armed targets,” and “the civility that makes you think massacres can’t happen here depends on the armed Americans who make those threats costly—gun-free zones remove that.”

Gutfeld then suggested we capitalize on being armed by letting our enemies know they won’t be the only ones with guns if they walk into a crowded location to commit a heinous act. Said Gutfeld, “If you can’t beat them, shoot them.”

The truth of Gutfeld’s assessment of gun-free zones has played out again and again in American life during the last few years. For example, Breitbart News previously reported that Adam Lanza’s decision to carry out an attack on gun-free Sandy Hook Elementary meant he had over 9 minutes to carry out his heinousness with no armed resistance.

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