U. of Florida Students Say They Would Refuse Classes Taught by Profs Against BLM

LONDON, ENGLAND - 12 JUNE: A Black Lives Matter supporters march into Trafalgar Square on June 12, 2020 in London, United Kingdom. The death of an African American man, George Floyd, while in the custody of Minneapolis police has sparked protests across the United States, as well as demonstrations of …
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Students at the University of Florida told Campus Reform this week that they would refuse to take a course with a professor that opposed the Black Lives Matter movement. Some students even said that professors that do not support the Black Lives Matter movement should be sanctioned or terminated.

Several students at the University of Florida told Campus Reform that they feel it would be appropriate to sanction professors that oppose the Black Lives Matter movement.

“The professor shouldn’t be voicing any opinion in the course that could disrupt or upset a student. And if they are voicing an opinion that is upsetting a student, then they shouldn’t be allowed to teach that course,” one student said.

“I think the professor should go through some kind of program where they learn about black history and after that, it can be determined if they can still teach,” another said.

“If sanctioning the professor is appropriate to university officials, I would definitely support that,” one student said. “As far as students boycotting their classes? I mean, that’s exactly how students can make a statement.”

Breitbart News reported in June that Cornell Law School Professor William Jacobson was facing calls for his termination over his decision to publish columns that criticized the Black Lives Matter movement on his legal news site, Legal Insurrection.

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