Jair Bolsonaro’s Son Suspended from Amazon-Owned Streaming Platform Twitch

Renan Bolsonaro
Renan Bolsonaro/Instagram

Jair Renan Bolsonaro, the fourth-oldest son of Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, was suspended from the Amazon-owned video streaming platform Twitch.tv last week after casting doubt on the severity of the Chinese virus pandemic.

According to the Brazillian Report, Renan Bolsonaro compared the coronavirus to “just a little flu,” and encouraged his viewers to go out on the streets.

The 22-year old son of the Brazilian president was broadcasting a match on the popular video game League of Legends. Twitch, which was acquired by Amazon in 2014, is the leading streaming platform for gamers.

“Go to the streets, OK? What pandemic?,” said Renan Bolsonaro.  “This is a media invention to lock you inside your home, so you’ll think the world is crumbling. It’s just  a little flu, brother.”

This comes after his father was censored by Twitter and Facebook for posting videos of himself speaking to Brazilian voters about the need to balance addressing the pandemic with averting a prolonged economic slump.

In a post on Twitter, the president’s son said that he had been banned “for life.” However, in a statement to Insider, Twitch said that the ban was only temporary.

“In line with our policies on hateful conduct, Renan Bolsonaro has been issued a temporary ban from Twitch for comments made on stream, and the offending content has been removed,” said a Twitch spokesperson, although they did not specify what, if any, of Renan’s comments on Twitch were “hateful.”

Twitch is the latest social media platform to demonstrate that it will punish users who attempt the minimize the danger of the Chinese virus. YouTube recently banned two doctors from Bakersfield, California who suggested an earlier reopening of the country given lower-than-expected mortality rates.

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