Hillsdale College Offering Free Online Courses on American Ideals

pocket constitution
Chip Somodevilla/Getty

Quarantined Americans around the country are currently taking advantage of free online courses on American history offered by Hillsdale College in Michigan. The free offerings include popular courses such as “Constitution 101” and “American Heritage.”

Kyle Murnen, the Director of Online Learning at Hillsdale College, appeared on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily on Friday to discuss the free online courses that are currently offered by Hillsdale. The courses focus on various aspects of American history and focus on topics that range the spectrum from Christopher Columbus’ founding of America to the presidency of Donald Trump.

“We have a free online courses program that I manage here at the college. We have 25 free courses taught by our faculty here. And we have a large audience going through them and learning from Hillsdale right now,” Murnen explained.

“The courses are free to the public. We started doing this in 2011. We thought that there are certain courses that every American citizen should take, certain things everyone should know,” Murnen added. “We started producing courses like ‘Constitution 101,’ which is our most popular course, ‘American Heritage,’ courses on the presidency and the supreme court, courses on literature, the great books, Shakespeare, courses in history like the second world wars, and then courses in philosophy.”

“In a large part, these courses are a reflection of the core curriculum we have here at the college,” Murnen continued. “The courses that everyone student takes here as an undergraduate, we try to produce really good online versions of those for anyone who wants to take them and they are all free.”

One popular online course offered by Hillsdale College right now is “The Great American Story.” The 25-lecture course features a narrative account of America’s history. The course highlights the important figures that have shaped America’s past, such as Christopher Columbus and George Washington.


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