Former Boeing Manager Claims He Warned of 737 Max Issues Before Crashes

Boeing unveils fix to flight system after deadly crashes

A former Boeing manager told reporters this week that he warned the company about potential issues with the 737 Max fleet prior to the two fatal crashes that claimed the lives of all passengers on board.

According to a report by NBC News, former Boeing manager Ed Pierson is speaking out about the conditions that led to the 737 Max crashes. Pierson claims that he expressed concern about 737 Max production conditions to his colleagues during emails that he sent in 2018.

In one email, Pierson told Scott Campbell, the general manager of the 737 Max program, that he was considered that rushed production on the 737 Max line could cause safety concerns in the future.

“Frankly right now all my internal warning bells are going off,” Pierson wrote in the June 2018 email. “And for the first time in my life, I’m sorry to say that I’m hesitant about putting my family on a Boeing airplane.”

In a statement, Boeing argued that there is no link between Pierson’s concerns and the 737 crashes. Boeing claimed that Pierson’s concerns about rushed production of the fleet have not been confirmed by independent investigators.

Importantly, the suggestion by Mr. Pierson of a link between his concerns and the recent MAX accidents is completely unfounded. Mr. Pierson raises issues about the production of the 737 MAX, yet none of the authorities investigating these accidents have found that production conditions in the 737 factory contributed in any way to these accidents. And the suggestion of such a linkage is inconsistent with the facts that have been reported about these accidents. We are confident that the NTSB and other accident investigative authorities and regulators are adequately assessing all potential causes of these accidents over the course of their rigorous, extensive, and independent reviews.

Breitbart News has extensively covered the international investigation into the failures that led to the 737 Max crashes. Breitbart News reported in October that Indonesian investigators pinned the crashes on Boeing’s failure to properly train new pilots to operate the 737 Max fleet.

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