Veteran Accuses Arizona State Professor of Penalizing Him for Military Service

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A veteran and student at Arizona State University filed a complaint with school officials, accusing a professor of penalizing him over the perspective he developed during his military service.

According to a report by The College Fix, a military veteran and Ph.D. student at Arizona State University has filed a complaint that accuses a professor of penalizing him over his military service.

The student planned on writing a paper on military interrogation techniques before the unnamed professor indicated that he could not fairly grade a paper on the topic. The student claims that the instructor was “offended” by his decision to discuss the efficacy of waterboarding as an interrogation technique.

“I believe [the instructor] may be anti-war, pacifist, anti-interrogation, does not understand what interrogations actually are, etc. and is using this emotion to destroy my grade,” the student wrote in the complaint.

The complaint system at Arizona State University, however, seems like it is mostly utilized by students that have experienced “microaggressions” on campus. One female student filed a complaint after a student offered her an energy drink as part of a prank video.

“In December a group of three students was caught filming internet prank videos among the book stacks in Hayden Library,” the complaint read. “One of the pranksters reportedly approached a female student pretending to need help finding a book and asked her if she wanted “to bang.” After he produced an energy drink from his jacket, she noticed the two other students filming the interaction and notified campus police.”

In another complaint, a group of female students called a professor “sexist” after he told them to stop talking in class.

“In November a professor was reported for constantly telling a group of females in the class to stop talking and listen to the lecture,” the complaint read.”When one of the women in the group asked the professor a question, he said, “you would have known the answer if you stopped talking.” She accused the professor of being “sexually biased” against the women, saying he had “hindered” her learning by “mocking me in front of the class.”

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