PragerU Lawyer: Google and YouTube Need ‘Viewpoint Neutral’ Rules that ‘Apply Equally to All’


Conservative educational group PragerU appeared before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals today in a case alleging that Google and YouTube unfairly censored the organization’s videos.

PragerU appeared before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in a lawsuit against Google and YouTube over the censorship of the organization’s videos on the platform. PragerU, founded by conservative radio host Dennis Prager, produces short educational videos on conservative ideals and history.

PragerU has faced censorship from YouTube on a number of occasions, with the group’s videos being placed behind age rating warnings and videos discussing the ten commandments being placed under YouTube’s “restricted” mode.

Former Governor of California Pete Wilson addressed a crowd gathered outside the courthouse of the Ninth Circuit Court in support of PragerU. “You will see us again, we will be back and I think that is a very clear and well-spoken prophecy,” Wilson told the crowd. He added that certain issues “had not been addressed” by the district court.

PragerU’s attorney Peter Obstler addressed the crowd stating: “To suggest that PragerU’s content is obscene, violent, hate speech is an absolute insult to the intelligence of the American public and people like yourself who are willing to engage in important political dialogue.”

Obstler added: “I am optimistic that we got a very fair hearing from three very able judges today, I believe they will do the right thing.” Obstler stated that PragerU would also be taking the case before the state court. He added that what PragerU wants is: “viewpoint neutral content-based restrictions that apply equally to all, not just to PragerU.”

Obstler added that PragerU had been contacted by members of the LGBT community who were also alleging that they were being censored from YouTube and offered support of PragerU’s case against Google.

PragerU posted a number of videos to Twitter of supporters at the event:

Footage from the press conference can be found on PragerU’s Facebook page here.

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