Tinder Joins Big Tech Companies Trying to Influence Midterms

Tinder blank profile
Getty/ Joe Raedle

Dating app Tinder has joined a growing list of Big Tech companies attempting to get users interested in the upcoming November Midterm elections.

With its “Swipe the Vote” campaign, Tinder hoped to get “young people to the polls through in-app messaging,” and “believes it’s well-positioned to mobilize younger voters during the 2018 U.S. midterm elections,” according to TechCrunch.

“Tinder says it will begin to share ‘fun facts’ with its users during election season right in the app — like the volumes of voter registrations and other anecdotes related to past and upcoming elections. These facts will have a particular focus on those that are of most interest to Tinder’s younger users,” reported TechCrunch, adding that the company will also push users into registering to vote.

In a musical cartoon video made by Tinder to promote the campaign, a voice sings, “You think that politics don’t apply to you? Student loans, gun violence, and climate change. It sounds familiar, cuz they affect you too. Yea — voting on a Tuesday sounds real strange.”

The song also claims voting can get students “out of school,” before adding, “These aren’t your average elections, you fool.”

Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat have all launched campaigns to encourage their users to register to vote for the Midterms, while ride-hailing service Lyft will offer users discounts and free transportation to the polls.

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