Rep Markwayne Mullin: Twitter Has Taken on Jack’s Personality

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Representative Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) appeared on Breitbart News Sunday this week to discuss Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s recent hearing before Congress.

Speaking with Breitbart News Editor Amanda House, Rep. Markwayne Mullin — who questioned Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey during a recent hearing before the House Energy and Commerce Committee — discussed Dorsey’s testimony before the Committee and his own grilling of Dorsey about bias against conservatives on the platform.

During Dorsey’s hearing before the Committee, Rep. Mullin read a number of racist tweets from New York Times Editorial Board member Sarah Jeong to Jack Dorsey, and noted that when conservative activist Candace Owens tweeted the same tweets replacing the term “white” with other terms, she received a temporary suspension on the platform.

Discussing why he felt it was important to read Jeong’s tweets to Dorsey, Rep. Mullin stated: “Jack had been up there the whole time and he had been very polite as I said, but he kept once again apologizing for conservatives that had been taken down, and I wanted to show the contrast between the two. And I wanted to point out that at the beginning of my question I asked him if he was a conservative or if he was a liberal or if he considered himself a socialist and he refused to answer the question.”

Mullin continued: “And then I went on and asked him if he was a Republican or a Democrat and he said he was an independent… and in my companies — I went on to talk about — ‘if I hire somebody in my companies, the department or the division for which they’re over begins to take on that leader’s personality’, and I believe Twitter has taken on Jack’s personality, it’s not just a mistake, it’s truly the environment.”

Pointing out that just how deep Dorsey’s bias goes remains a mystery, Rep. Mullin added, “If I had to do it all over again Amanda, I’d like to ask him which was the mistake, leaving up Jeong’s [tweets] or taking down Owens?”

Listen to the full Breitbart News Sunday episode here.

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