E3 Hands-On with ‘South Park: The Fractured but Whole’: South Park Takes Aim at Superhero Genre


The title of South Park: The Fractured but Whole essentially sets the comedic tone for the upcoming turn-based RPG which sets its sights on the superhero genre.

South Park’s latest video game acts as a sequel to the 2014 release South Park: The Stick of Truth which was well received by critics and fans alike due to its surprisingly compelling storyline, well-written humor, and engaging gameplay. The Fractured but Whole aims to outdo The Stick of Truth in every way, ramping up the series signature offensive humor and outlandish storylines.

The new storyline of The Fractured but Whole see’s the main characters assuming their superhero identities that many fans will recognize from the TV show. A fight between members of the team known as The Coon and Friends results in the superhero group splitting into two factions in an apparent nod to Marvel’s Civil War, one led by Cartman as The Coon and another led by Kenny’s alter ego Mysterion. The player takes on the role of “The New Kid” and can play as a male or female character.

The demo that I played at E3 took place in a strip club. Your character starts as a lowly sidekick, not yet having made the transition to full-fledged hero. You accompany Captain Diabetes inside the club where you search for a particular stripper with a male genitalia-shaped tattoo on her chest. Players must traverse the strip club speaking to various strippers and attempting to gain information from club patrons. Eventually, two men offer to take you to the VIP room in the back of the club in exchange for a lapdance.

This triggers a lapdance minigame where players must move the controller’s analog sticks in certain directions in order to grind on the lap of the business man. Once this is over, the businessmen become belligerent which leads to a fight scene. This is where we get to see The Fractured but Whole’s combat system in action. Much like The Stick of Truth, the combat is turn-based, with players moving their team members on a grid system and selecting certain attacks in order to beat their enemies.

Shortly after this fight scene players learn the name of the elusive stripper — Classi, naturally — which leads to Captain Diabetes hatching a new plan to find her. Captain Diabetes suggests concocting a drink that will knock out the club DJ who announces each new stripper, allowing Captain Diabetes to use the PA system to call the stripper to the stage. This leads players on a search mission for certain ingredients which are obtained through various in-game mechanics such as firecracker and fart throwing.

Once all of the suitably disgusting items are found, the DJ is given the drink and promptly leaves to get sick, allowing Captain Diabetes to use the intercom system to call Classi, who attempts to escape upon seeing the player and is then chased by the player and Captain Diabetes, which ends the demo.

Overall The Fractured but Whole is made specifically for South Park fans. If you’re not a fan of fart jokes and crude humor, this game is not for you. Those that enjoyed The Stick of Truth should be thoroughly impressed with The Fractured but Whole when it releases on October 17.

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