Woke Capitalism

Lyft Exec Calls for Corporate America to Fight Texas Abortion Law

The general counsel for ride-sharing giant Lyft recently called on other corporations to take a stance against a recent Texas law prohibiting the majority of abortions. According to the executive, woke companies must hold “government accountable and speaks out on important issues.”

Lyft executive Kristin Sverchek

#AppleToo: Apple Employees Are Turning on Their Own Woke Company

A number of Apple workers have announced a new campaign to improve working conditions at the tech giant, claiming that employees suffer from issues including, racism, sexism, discrimination, and intimidation. The employees are gathering stories about the woke tech giant on social media using the hashtag #AppleToo.

Tim Cook at Billionaire Summer Camp

Bokhari: Newsflash to Google – ‘Diversity’ Departments Attract Racists

Google might be the most race-obsessed company in America — and that’s saying a lot given that America is the most race-obsessed country in the world. Yet I suspect its leadership is clueless enough to be surprised that open encouragement of race-obsession (or “diversity and equity” obsession, as they would insist on calling it) attracts racist employees.

Noogler Hat for new Google employees

Silicon Valley Vet Fires Back at Woke Apple

Days after his firing by tech giant Apple following an internal employee petition calling for his removal, Antonio García Martínez has released a statement heavily criticizing the company. According to Martínez, “Apple has issued a statement that clearly implies there was some negative behavior by me during my time at Apple. That is defamatory and categorically false.”

The Associated Press

Software Company Basecamp Rejects Woke Capitalism

Software company Basecamp announced on Monday that it will remain focused on developing project management software, rejecting Silicon Valley’s wave of high-tech woke capitalism. A blog post from Basecamp’s CEO says it will not be participating in “societal and political discussions,” adding, “we are not a social impact company.”

Basecamp CEO Jason Fried

Project Veritas: Salesforce Plans to Blacklist Clients for Political Speech, Citing Capitol Riot

Investigative journalism group Project Veritas recently published a report detailing plans by the cloud-based software giant Salesforce to de-platform customers who have “the potential to incite politically motivated violence.” According to the Project Veritas video, executives are communicating with the RNC specifically about messages from former President Donald Trump. Project Veritas reports that its own business account with Salesforce has been cut off.

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