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Indonesia Slams Ex-Aussie PM Tony Abbott Over ‘Reform Islam’ Call

Regional neighbour Indonesia has criticised former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott over his call for Islam to reform, saying he is “unhelpful” and “divisive”. Indonesia’s ambassador, Nadjib Riphat Kesoema, delivered his response to Mr Abbott’s critique by adding that violent extremism

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Ex-Aussie PM Tony Abbott: ‘Islam Needs A Reformation’

Islam promotes a “culture” that “thinks you can kill in the name of God” and is in need of a reformation, according to former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. He also believes Western Civilisation should have more confidence in its innate

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Australia’s Ousted Tony Abbott Snipes At New Government

Toppled Australian leader Tony Abbott took potshots at the new government on Tuesday, saying it offered no new policies and that the nation should stop swapping prime ministers “like changing clothes”. Abbott was ousted by conservative colleague Malcolm Turnbull in a

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Australia Contends with Potential Wave of Disillusioned Former ISIS Members

In 2014, thousands of Westerners traveled to Iraq and Syria to join the Islamic State (ISIS/ISL) as the terrorist group expands its caliphate. But now some are realizing the life of a jihadist is not nearly as grand as advertised, forcing Western countries to contend with the mass return of citizens with ties to the terrorist group.


Australia Blocks 230 Would-Be Jihadis from Traveling to Iraq and Syria

Australia has been conducting a strong push against terrorism, which began months ago with some general comments from officials who knew they had a problem, and it quickly developed into effective action. Part of the program involves preventing would-be jihadis, including teenagers, from fleeing the country and signing up with ISIS and other ugly crews in Iraq and Syria.

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