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NYTimes: Where Are the Working Teenagers?

On Friday, The New York Times seemed completely bewildered by the plummeting rate of teenagers in the workforce. The Times observes, “Since 2000, the share of 16-to-19-year-olds who are working has plummeted by 40 percent, with fewer than a third of American teenagers in a job last summer.”

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New York Times Encourages Students to Default on College Loans

Over the weekend, the NY Times published an opinion piece by writer Lee Siegel titled “Why I Defaulted on My Student Loans.” The piece goes beyond the descriptive promised in the headline to the prescriptive when Siegel suggests people “groaning under the weight of student loans” should follow his example.

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New York Times Whines About Netanyahu

On Tuesday, before the final results of the Israeli election were tabulated, the New York Times, in utter disbelief that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu might survive the manifold efforts by the Obama Administration and the leftist media to destroy him, released a piece that savaged the Israeli prime minster, with numerous figures whining about the tactics Netanyahu used to retain his post.

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