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Conservatives React to ‘Hypocrite, Elitist’ Cori Bush Remarks: ‘Entitled Leftist Version of Utopia’

After Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) defended spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on private security while calling to defund the police, conservatives expressed their shock over the far-left congresswoman’s comments, with many labeling her a “hypocrite” and “elitist” for ensuring her own security while spearheading the campaign to deprive the same for others.

15 July 2021 - St. Louis, MO - US Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh participates in a roundtable discussion about home care and the care economy with Congresswoman Cori Bush and SEIU

***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Pennsylvania Rally

President Donald Trump will hold a Wednesday evening rally in Pennsylvania as Hurricane Michael batters the Florida panhandle. When asked earlier in the day about whether he could cancel the rally, Trump said doing so would be unfair to the thousands of people who had been waiting in line since the morning. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern.

US state left with one abortion clinic for 6 million residents

Trump Vs. Sanctuary Cities: Congress Ready to Help

Cities across the country are lining up for a standoff with President Donald Trump over the issue of sanctuary city policies. Republican representatives in Congress are also lining up to put more teeth in existing law that already requires 100 percent cooperation with immigration authorities by local and state law enforcement agencies.

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GOP Rep. On Sanctuary Cities: ‘Enough Is Enough’

Barletta’s bill, the Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act, would strip federal funding for a minimum of one year to any state or locality that has laws or policies in place obstructing the enforcement of federal immigration law. The jurisdiction would only regain their federal funding once the attorney general verifies full compliance.

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GOP Rep.: ‘Sanctuary cities’ Are ‘Havens For Everyone But Law-Abiding Citizens’

“My heart breaks for the family and friends of Kate Steinle, as they have seen a promising young life ended too soon, and the suspect is a criminal who should never have been in this country in the first place” Barletta said in a statement Monday. “That her accused killer is a seven-time felon, was deported five times, and was prevented from being deported a sixth by San Francisco policies, is as maddening as it is inexplicable.”