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Poll: British Support Trump Visit

A new poll has shown that President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK is welcomed by a plurality of voters with just shy of half thinking the visit should go ahead.

Trump Queen

Delingpole: Britain Should Be Celebrating Donald Trump – Not Brainwashed Eco-Brat Greta Thunberg

These are extraordinary times. Future historians, I’m sure, will marvel at the prevailing lunacy whereby Theresa May’s Conservative government prostrated itself before a child selling eco-fascist snake oil, but cringed at the thought of welcoming America’s greatest exponent of Conservative values since the golden era of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

Greta Miliband

Lane: Endless Voting on Brexit Is Absurd. So Why Are Politicians Pushing to Make Britons Vote Again?

The Speaker of the British House of Commons has laid down why Members of Parliament shouldn’t be repeatedly asked the same question by the Government in a move which may very well put paid to the Government’s plans to force a third vote on Theresa May’s twice-rejected Brexit deal, making the United Kingdom a non-voting member of the European Union under the pretext of honouring the Brexit vote.