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Cancel Culture Insurance: Twitter Will Let You Hide Old Tweets

Social media giant Twitter reportedly plans to introduce a number of new privacy-related features, including one that would allow users to hide their old tweets. Twitter’s privacy changes come on the heels of the increasingly common scenario in which a user of the platform is canceled for posts made up to a decade ago on the platform.

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Twitter Suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene for One Week

Twitter has once again suspended Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) from its platform, this time hitting her with a one-week ban for coronavirus “misinformation.” Twitter has repeatedly censored Greene and appears to be headed towards a permanent blacklisting of her account. 

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Twitter Tests Downvote Buttons on Replies – but Still No Edit Function

Social media website Twitter is reportedly testing a new downvote feature for tweet replies. The feature seems to be part of Twitter’s ongoing search for “conversational health,” as the feature will help the platform “understand the types of replies you find relevant in a convo, so we can work on ways to show more of them.”

CANNES, FRANCE - JUNE 21: Co-chair / founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey attends the ' #SheInspiresMe: Twitter celebrates female voices & visionaries ' Event at Cannes Lions on June 21, 2017 in Cannes, France. (Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images for Twitter)

Did You Post Something Stupid? Twitter Will Let You Turn Off Comments at Any Time

Twitter’s latest change to its platform allows users to turn off replies to a tweet after they’ve posted it, helping them to avoid criticism or controversy. The ability to turn off replies will help users, including verified leftist pundits, avoid the dreaded “ratio,” in which a bad tweet’s replies far outweigh its likes and retweets.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square, Chairman of Twitter and a founder of both ,holds an event in London on November 20, 2014, where he announced the launch of Square Register mobile application. The app, which is available on Apple and Android devises, will allow merchants to track sales, inventories and …