El Salvador Welcomes Persecuted Cuban Journalists

El Salvador allowed two Cuban reporters to enter the Central American country on Wednesday after the men said they learned they would be denied entry to Nicaragua, their intended destination, while on a layover at an airport outside San Salvador on Tuesday, El Salvador’s General Directorate of Migration confirmed.

Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele delivers a speech on the first day of inoculation with the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine against COVID-19 to health workers in San Salvador, on February 17, 2021. (Photo by MARVIN RECINOS / AFP) (Photo by MARVIN RECINOS/AFP via Getty Images)

Gutiérrez-Boronat: Cuba Hasn’t Stopped Protesting – Thanks to Its Children, the World Is Listening

The commitment of dozens of key activists, citizens, and artists to continue the struggle for freedom in Cuba on November 15 – after some of the largest days of anti-government protest in Cuban history in July – has forced ambivalent sectors of the international community to finally, after 4 months, show solidarity with Cubans and denounce abuses.

A group of Cubans living in Mexico demonstrate in support of the Cuban opposition, in front of Cuba's embassy in Mexico City, on November 15, 2021. - The Cuban opposition has said it will take to the streets as planned on Monday to demand the release of political prisoners, despite …

Report: Cuban Refugees Trapped in Migrant Mob in Belarus

The Australian network SBS found a Cuban refugee among the throngs of thousands of migrants on the border between Belarus and Poland. In an interview published on Monday, Juan Carlos told SBS he was one of seven Cubans attempting to escape communism into Europe after making it to Europe’s last dictatorship.

Migrants settle in a logistics center at the checkpoint "Kuznitsa" at the Belarus-Poland border near Grodno, Belarus, on Friday, Nov. 19, 2021. Polish authorities said Friday there are no more migrants camping along the Belarus side of the European Union's eastern border, but attempts at illegally crossing into the bloc's …

Cuba: Communist Mob Traps Pro-Democracy Nun in Her Home

The Cuban Conference of the Clergy (CONCUR) condemned on Tuesday the use of a “civilian” communist mob to attempt to trap the superior of the Catholic religious order the Daughters of Charity in Cuba in her home during Monday’s national protests against the regime.

Demonstrators hold a Cuban flag and Our Lady of Charity, Patroness of Cuba, as they rally in Miami to support Cuban anti-government protesters, on November 14, 2021. - The US urged Cuban authorities on Sunday to lift a ban on protests ahead of planned anti-government demonstrations, the State Department said …

China Publishes Anti-U.S. Propaganda for Veterans Day

Chinese state media decided Veterans Day to drop some anti-American propaganda, including posts by the People’s Daily celebrating Cuban Communist dictator Fidel Castro for outlasting American efforts to dislodge him, and hyping the Vietnam-era Gulf of Tonkin incident as a “clear-cut example of U.S. escalation and warmongering toward other countries.”

Visitors (R) are reflected next to a propaganda poster during an exhibition in Shanghai on October 8, 2009. According to political experts, China propaganda which manifested in various forms, such as songs, paintings, posters and films, was used decades ago to promote the development of Chinese nationalism and of loyalty …

Cuba Signs Belt and Road Energy Pact with China

The Cuban Communist Party joined the official “Energy Alliance” of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) this week – an extension of the Chinese global infrastructure program focused on developing energy infrastructure globally.

China's President Xi Jinping (centre R) attends a meeting with Cuba's First Vice President of the Council of State Miguel Diaz-Canel (centre L) at the Great Hall of the People on June 18, 2013. Diaz-Canel is on an official visit to China from June 17 to 19. AFP PHOTO / …

Cuba Vaccinating Two-Year-Olds Against Coronavirus

Cuba began inoculating children as young as two years old against the Chinese coronavirus on Monday with domestically produced vaccine candidates that have not received approval from the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported.

A nurse prepares Roxana Montano, 3, to receive her dose of Soberana Plus, a Cuban vaccine against Covid-19, on August 24, 2021 at Juan Manuel Marquez hospital in Havana, as part of the vaccine study in children and adolescents. (Photo by ADALBERTO ROQUE / AFP) (Photo by ADALBERTO ROQUE/AFP via …

Socialism: Cuba Gifts Gold Medal Boxer Cooking Oil, Hot Dogs

A local Communist Party official presented boxer Ronny Álvarez this week with cooking oil, two packs of hot dogs, and a bunch of plantains upon his return from the Junior Pan-American Games qualifiers, where he earned a gold medal, Latin American outlets noted Wednesday.

Cuban boxer Ronny Álvarez poses with foodstuffs.