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Xi Jinping: Friendship with North Korea ‘Sealed in Blood’

China’s Communist Party leader Xi Jinping celebrated his country’s ties to North Korea Wednesday during a meeting to welcome a delegation from Pyongyang in town to learn how to replicate the Chinese economy domestically, proclaiming that the bilateral relationship is “sealed in blood.”

N. Koreans visit Beijing to learn about China's reforms: ministry

Apple Earnings Powered by Rise of China’s Middle Class

Apple’s earnings vaulted by 27.5% for the first three months of 2015 compared to the same period last year, on the phenomenal Chinese sales driving profit margins for the iPhone 6. The virtuous smartphone tailwind and buzz about the Apple Watch spiked store traffic that also goosed Mac sales. With an operating margin of over 30 percent and $194 billion in the bank, Apple deserves to be the world’s most valuable company.

Fake Apple watches in China take a bite out of latest technology

Report: ‘Real’ China GDP Shrinks as Demand Collapses

Lombard Street Research (LSR) has reported that China’s “real” (after-inflation) GDP actually fell -0.2% for the quarter ending March 2015. Despite the official government claim of +1.3 percent growth for the quarter and +7 percent annualized growth. China’s quarterly performance

Xinhua/Guo Chen/AFP