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Taxpayers Foot Bill For Channel Tunnel-Walk Migrant

Taxpayers are forking out for the man who walked to Britain through the Channel Tunnel to live in a £100,000 property. Not only are the public having to foot the illegal migrant’s £700-a-month housing benefit bill, but Abdul Haroun can

Channel Tunnel

Migrant Electrocuted Near Channel Tunnel

A migrant was electrocuted last night near the entrance to the Channel Tunnel in France. French police said the man, who is believed to be a Syrian national, was trying to climb onto the roof of a UK-bound train when


French Riot Police Disperse Migrants At Channel Tunnel

COQUELLES, France (AP) — French riot police have sprayed migrants with a chemical irritant as they tried to storm the Channel Tunnel, and the British and French interior ministers said the nightly attempts to reach Britain are part of a

French riot police

2,000 Migrants Storm Channel Tunnel, One Dead

A Sudanese migrant has been crushed to death by a truck in a second night of chaos at the French end of the Channel Tunnel as 2,000 migrants attempted to stowaway on vehicles travelling to Britain. Local police and tunnel


Calais Chaos: 150 Migrants Try to Storm Channel Tunnel

Dozens of migrants trying to stow away on vehicles crossing the Channel by tunnel between France and England broke through perimeter fences at Calais overnight, temporarily halting traffic, a Eurotunnel spokesman said on Saturday. The disruption was the latest in


Channel Tunnel Shut Again as Workers Burn Tyres on Tracks

The Channel Tunnel closed again on Tuesday due to protesting MyFerryLink workers, its operator Eurotunnel and French traffic supervision body Bison Fute said. The entrance to the tunnel was blocked by angry workers who set fire to tyres thrown on