Bennie Thompson

House Democrats Subpoena 8Chan Owner

House Democrats have issued a subpoena for the owner of the anonymous online forum 8chan to testify before Congress on how to mitigate online extremism on his platform.

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TSA Finally Dumps Full-Body Airport Scanners

The Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) has officially closed the books on the controversial “naked-image” full-body scanners being used at security checkpoints at America’s airports. The TSA announcement comes after a Congressional mandate to make major changes to the devices and

TSA Finally Dumps Full-Body Airport Scanners

Dem Congressman: Fox News 'Enemy,' GOP 'Terrible People'

Rep. Bennie Thompson used his appearance at the 2012 Communications Workers of America Legislative-Political Conference to show the sort of political rhetoric Democrats often accuse Republicans of, repeatedly calling their opponents “the enemy,” and urging the audience to flip on