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Actor Rob Schneider Can't Support Obama Again

Actor Rob Schneider, who is famous from his time on SNL and being the “You Can Do It” guy in several Adam Sandler films, told “The Regular Guys Show” last Friday that he has come to the conclusion that he

Actor Rob Schneider Can't Support Obama Again

Why the Elite Hate Adam Sandler

Super essay from City Art’s Armond White: If you didn’t get the Memo to hate Adam Sandler, his new movie That’s My Boy would seem another likable, if minor, entry in his continuing series of unexpectedly challenging human comedies. The

Why the Elite Hate Adam Sandler

Andy Samberg Latest to Leave 'Saturday Night Live'

(AP) LOS ANGELES – A spokeswoman for Andy Samberg said the actor-comedian is leaving “Saturday Night Live.” Samberg’s publicist, Carrie Byalick, said Friday that he won’t return as a cast member next season. Samberg’s exit follows that of “SNL” cast

Razzie Awards: Partisan Jabs at Flyover Country

The Razzies could be a great awards show for the everyman. They could spoof the self congratulatory place that is Hollywood. Bloated films like “The Tree of Life” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” would get their comeuppance. Instead,

Razzie Awards: Partisan Jabs at Flyover Country

Bieber, Berry Slimed at Kids Choice Awards

By JAKE COYLEAP Entertainment WriterAt the 25th annual Kids’ Choice Awards, the slime runneth over. Host Will Smith opened the 25th annual Kids’ Choice Awards promising a record amount of the show’s trademark green gunk. Though some 20 awards are

Daniel Craig Gives Fellow Stars a Lesson in Privacy

Current Bond actor Daniel Craig shook headlines this week by blasting the Kardashian Klan in a GQ magazine interview. Easy targets, to be sure, but Craig’s comments quick went viral. In that same publication Craig also stirring up something far

Daily Call Sheet: Oscar Recovers, 'Jack and Jill'

Sorry this is so late. Been traveling since 7am — which means I’m tired, grumpy, and probably constipated. Brian Grazer to Produce, Billy Crystal to Host Academy Awards Oh, how I love me some Eddie Murphy for sticking it to

'L.A. Times' Can't Grasp Why 'Grown Ups' Is a Hit

So an Adam Sandler family comedy is released … during summer … with co-stars Kevin James, Rob Schneider, David Spade, and Chris Rock … and the L.A. Times is sincerely confused over why it’s such a huge hit. Here’s their

Hitchcock, #1 Overrated Director?: Bravo, Ben Shapiro!

After Ben Shapiro first submitted the article that created such a hailstorm yesterday, here’s what our email exchange looked like: Ben, Hey, you’re right, Scorsese hasn’t made a movie worth a shit since ’96, but…. David Lean??? Hitchcock??? We must

'Funny People' Review: Mostly Funny

As one of America’s most popular comedians, George Simmons seemingly has the world on a string. But then one thing happens that can ruin everything: he’s diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and told that even with aggressive experimental

'Funny People' Review

Never in a million years did I think Judd Apatow was capable of making something as sharp and penetrating as “Funny People.” Never. Since the director first started dabbling in film, I’ve been a harsh critic of everything he’s touched,

The Inevitable Apatow Backlash

You could feel it in the air as Apatow basked in the glow of his 2006 double whammy, the hilarious “Knocked Up” and “Superbad.” By the time 2007’s “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” rolled around, the backlash was gathering steam. I told

Bea Arthur: Farewell to a Likable Feminist

Comedians have lost a target, and the rest of the entertainment industry has lost a jewel. Bea Arthur is no longer with us. She died peaceably at her home in Los Angeles at the age of 86. As a humanitarian,

Review: Observe and Report

Seth Rogen’s appeal baffles me, at least as a leading man in romantic comedies, albeit raunchy ones. There’s nothing warm about the guy and no matter how sincere he tries to be an undercurrent of sullen hostility never leaves his

What Conservatives Need to Know About Hollywood

When I was trying to make my first little documentary, subtly entitled “Michael Moore Hates America,” I begged for money. Nothing new there, as begging for money is as much a part of life for independent filmmakers as it is

Movie Crowds Adopt 'Marley & Me' At Box Office

AP: Hollywood had a happy holiday with a huge Christmas weekend as movies from Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett and Adam Sandler all opened strongly. Aniston and Wilson’s ‘Marley & Me’ debuted at No. 1.