‘Makes Zero Sense’: LeBron Slams Son’s Basketball Team for Wearing Masks Under Their Chins

LeBron James
John McCoy/Getty Images

After recently being cleared from the NBA Covid list, L.A. Lakers star LeBron James blasted his son’s high school basketball team for improperly wearing their masks under their chins on the court.

James jumped to Twitter while attending one of son Bronny’s high school basketball games to say that he was shocked that the kids were wearing their masks improperly.

“I’m sorry but I’m at my boys game and the mask underneath the chin makes ZERO sense to me!!” James wrote on Thursday.

James did not post any evidence of his accusation about the kids and their mask-wearing habits. However, a video of Bronny’s Sierra Canyon Athletics Trailblazers team playing some ball was posted at the Swish Cultures Twitter account.

The video does, indeed, show Bronny and his teammates loping about the court with their masks under their chins:

The video also shows several members of Bronny’s team with their masks under their chins as they sit on the bench. Some are correctly masked, but not all.

On the other hand, few members of the opposing team, the West Ranch Wildcats, have any masks at all, not on the court or the sidelines.

The elder James had his own issues with the virus this week. On Tuesday, it was announced that the fully vaccinated James had tested positive for the coronavirus and had to miss that night’s game after being put on the Lakers’ COVID-19 list.

By late Wednesday evening, though, James was cleared with a series of negative tests and was put back on the playing roster for Friday night’s game.

Still, the positive test seems dicey. James himself thought it was “fishy” that he could have returned a positive test on Tuesday, only to turn out eight negative tests in a row over the following two days.

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