WATCH: Florida State Player Proposed While the Other Team Celebrated Victory

Getty Images

A Florida State football player chose the conclusion of one of the most embarrassing losses in college football history as the moment to propose to his girlfriend on Saturday.

The moment went down Saturday night at Doak Walker Stadium in Tallahassee, after the Noles – unbelievably – lost to Jacksonville State University.

The call on the Jacksonville State radio network pretty much sums up the enormity of the win for JSU and the humiliation of FSU.

However, after that play, an FSU player got on bended knee and proposed to his girlfriend while Jacksonville State celebrated their improbable win.

The player’s move is being almost universally panned as a failure to recognize the moment and adjust to life’s curveballs. Sure, of course, you would pick the Jacksonville State game to do this. No one would have circled that game as a loss when looking at the schedule. But sh*t happens. You just lost in one of the biggest upsets in college football history. So maybe you should delay this proposal until you win, right?


First of all, if Florida State can lose to Jacksonville State, there is no telling when that next victory is coming, and this young man could be on a timeline. But secondly, and most importantly, this genius in shoulder pads either intentionally or unintentionally set himself up for lifelong happiness by setting expectations low and forcing her to buy in at the ground level.

If you can find a girl who will agree to marry you (and all reports indicate she did) after you just suffered one of the worst defeats in college football history – on national television – then you, my friend, have a keeper. She will probably stick with you through anything.

Put a ring on that finger immediately, and don’t let her get away.

Well done, sir, well done.


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