Aftermarket Grips: A Simple Way to Personalize the Look and Feel of Your Gun

Aftermarket grips are a great way for gun owners to change the look and feel of their favorite pistol, revolver, or rifle.
AWR Hawkins/Breitbart News

Aftermarket grips are a great way for gun owners to change the look and feel of their favorite pistol, revolver, or rifle.

Such grips are available from a number of manufacturers, such as Hogue, VZ Grips, and Wicked Grips.

Hogue makes aftermarket grips from recoil absorbing rubber compound and gorgeous grips from exotic woods. They also make adhesive grips and sleeves that firearm-specific; sleeves that your slip onto your existing pistol grip to add finger groves and enlarge the diameter of the grip area itself.

Here is a Hogue HandALL grip sleeve on a Glock 17 (All images via AWR Hawkins/Breitbart News) :

VZ Grips makes grips for 1911 pistols, brand-specific grips for non-1911 semiautos, revolver grips, and grips for AR-15 rifles. Their grips are proudly made in the USA and the materials they use for grips are commonly referred to as G10, Micarta, or Carbon fiber.

VZ Grips allow gun owners not only to enhance the aesthetics of their favorite pistol, revolver, or rifle, but also to improve the ability to hold the firearm firmly.

Here is a Kimber K6S revolver with G10 Cyclone grips from VZ:

Wicked Grips also makes grips for a variety of pistols, revolvers, and rifles, and they stress their USA-based manufacturing.

The Wicked Grips’ website notes:

What does it mean though, for us.. from this side of the counter to be “Made in America”? Well, from my experience, I can tell you… its harder than it looks. It requires more time, less profit, and more investment to maintain a true Made in the USA product line. It means only sourcing materials from US sources, from US factories, from US manufacturers. It means paying more for everything, and sometimes, waiting longer lead times, in order to get what you need.

Here is a Kahr Arms Desert Eagle 44. Magnum with Punisher Grips from Wicked Grips:

Adding aftermarket grips to your firearm is something that can be done in minutes, making it a good way for gun owners of all experience levels to personalize their pistol, revolver, or rifle.

The aftermarket grips can also provide an added benefit in the form of comfort via an overall ergonomic improvement.

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