WATCH: Football Fan Scarfs Giant Tub of Mayonnaise on Live TV

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

One hardcore American college football fan was caught on live television scarfing an entire jar of Duke’s Mayonnaise during the game between the Georgia Bulldogs and Clemson Tigers, the U.S. Sun reported.

“The fixture was the opening match of the college football season – known as the Duke’s Mayo Classic,” according to the report.

The condiment crammer was featured on the big screen shoving spoonfuls of mayonnaise down his gullet while the people in “the splash zone” egged him on. ESPN caught the incident on camera so audiences across the U.S. could view the “incredible feat.”

“Georgia won the match 10-3 but the victory was overshadowed by this now-infamous incident,” according to the report.

Another fan paid homage to the theme by dumping an entire container of  Duke’s Mayonnaise over his head and slathering it all over his bare chest.

His enthusiasm was met with cheers from the surrounding crowd, as well as awe and wonder from the unsuspecting sports commentators.


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