WATCH: Fists Fly After Female MMA Fighter Shoves Sex Toy in Opponent’s Face

Ewa Brodnicka
Getty Images

A brawl broke out during a pre-fight standoff when Polish pro boxer and World Champion Ewa Brodnicka shoved a dildo in the face of opponent, MMA fighter Aniela Bogusz.

As the two fighters took the stage for the usual tête-à-tête before the fight, Brodnicka pulled a sex toy out of a plastic bag behind her back, then shoved it in Bogusz’s face whereupon Bogusz grabbed it and flung it back at Brodnicka. From there, the two pushed, punched, and kicked at each other as the stage handlers desperately tried to keep them apart, the New York Post reported.

The theatrics didn’t help Brodnicka much, though, as she lost decisively to Bogusz.

Bogusz, aka “Lil Masti,” celebrated her victory on Instagram afterward.

In a post featuring a photo showing her kissing her gold trophy, Boguz wrote, “I defeated a professional boxer world champion. It still doesn’t come to me … Thank you for your support. I thank those who believed in me. Love you.”

For her part, Brodnicka tried to explain her loss away as a result of not being up to par because she had been healing from a broken leg.

“I did not give up the duel because I did not want to disappoint the fans and the organizers, despite the fact that the last 3 weeks of preparations are fighting pain and crossing my own limits during the rehabilitation of a broken leg,” she wrote. “This is no excuse, and I congratulate my opponent on winning.”

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