Scott Zolak Apologizes for Saying Cam Newton Distracted by Rap Music

Scott Zolak
Scott Eisen/Getty Images

Former Patriot quarterback Scott Zolak has apologized after saying that he feels current Patriot QB Cam Newton is “distracted” by rap music.

Zolak, who currently serves as a Patriots color analyst and talk radio host, said on Thursday that Newton was “dancing” between plays as rap music played at practice.

“I’d turn off the rap music first of all,” Zolak explained during a radio interview with on 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston. “Because I think it’s distracting for Cam here. Because in between every throw, he’s dancing.”

Zolak added, “He can’t help himself.”

“He makes a throw and then [dances],” Zolak said of Newton. “The music’s still cranking here, I know you can hear faintly in the background here.”

During a discussion with Andrew Callahan of the Boston Herald, Zolak apologized for the comments about Newton.

“That’s something I know that’s drawn attention for being racially insensitive,” Zolak told Callahan. “I’m sorry for that comment. I didn’t need to make that comment. I should not even ever bring any sort of music into play, because I have no clue what’s going on in a player’s head. It’s been a rough last couple days here, and I wanted to do this on air. It’s the first time I’ve been on air since Thursday.”

Zolak also spoke to Newton personally.

“I wanted to talk to him before I talked about this, to let him know,” Zolak said. “I got a chance to talk to him, and Cam’s nothing but class. Great guy. He handled it perfect. I mean, that’s between me and him.”

Newton took starters reps during the preseason and is expected to be the starter when the Patriots open the season against the Dolphins on September 12th.


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