WATCH: Two Women Brawl MMA-Style Near Concession Stand at Braves Game

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How it started is unknown, but it ended with two handfuls of hair and an attempt at a triangle that would definitely not make the Gracie family proud.

Two female fans got in a heated brawl that ended up on the ground at the Braves game Wednesday night. Onlookers eventually broke up the fight, but not before a few kicks, and a submission move were attempted.

The Freddie Freeman jersey-wearing fan clearly got the best of the scrap, even sneaking in a stomp as the fight got broken up. However, in the end, she’s also the one who got put in handcuffs in the end.

Twitter commenters did their best Joe Rogan impersonations while critiquing the UFC-style scrape.

The Braves beat the Reds 8-6.


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