WATCH: French Runner Knocks over Water Left for Other Competitors During Tokyo Marathon

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

Water for me, but not for thee. That would seem to encapsulate the mentality of a French marathon runner who knocked over an entire row of water left for runners behind him.

Morhad Amdouni, a French marathon runner competing in the marathon during the final day of the Olympic competition on Sunday, reached over to grab himself a water bottle from the refreshment table as the runners entered the final portion of the 26.2-mile race. However, instead of then lifting his hand from the table, Amdouni left it there and proceeded to knock over a row of water bottles meant for other runners. The “d*ck move” resulted in organizers scrambling to supply extra water for runners desperately searching for hydration in the 95-degree heat.

The tactic, however, did not benefit Amdouni at all.

As Insider explains:

Amdouni finished 17th with a finishing time of two hours, 14 minutes, and 33 seconds. Abdi Nageeye of the Netherlands was behind Amdouni at the time of the water incident, and was not able to grab a bottle.

Nageeye, though, finished second to win the silver medal with a finishing time of two hours, nine minutes, and 58 seconds — almost five minutes faster than Amdouni.

So, in a world where it seems cheaters and bad people win most of the time, at least now we have proof they don’t win all the time.


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