College Professor Claims ESPN Analyst Verbally ‘Violated’ Her

Dan Dakich
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ESPN college basketball analyst and radio host Dan Dakich is being investigated after a professor at Ursinus College in Pennsylvania said she felt “violated” after Dakich used the word “bitching” during a Twitter squabble.

In February, a lecturing fellow from Duke University named Nathan Kalman-Lamb blasted Dakich and other members of the sports media after they criticized freshman basketball player Jalen Johnson for opting out of the final six games of the season.

Dakich and others implied that Johnson had quit on his team.

That criticism resulted in a Twitter spat involving Dakich, Kalman-Lamb, and assistant professor Johanna Mellis.

After Dakich challenged the sports/athletic credentials of Mellis and Kalman-Lamb, Mellis, a former D1 swimmer, challenged the ESPN personality to a swimming race.

“Dakich later used the word ‘bitching’ in reference to Mellis and tweeted that he would have to divorce his wife first before accepting her challenge,” the New York Post reports.

“Through his use of the b-word and the way he sexualized my clear reference to racing in the pool, he debased and violated me according to my identity over the public airwaves for all to hear,” Mellis told USA Today.

Dakich explained his use of the word “bitching” and what he meant by the divorce reference to his radio audience in Indiana.

“I just said bitching because it’s what people do,” Dakich explained. “It’s what everybody does, everybody just bitches. But that’s sexist apparently because I said bitching and a lady was in the conversation.

“And then she wanted to, quote, go at it in the pool. Well, if you go at it in a pool, that’s a public place and then I’m gonna have to get divorced, and then it’s just gonna be a problem.”

Dakich, who has a history of feuding on Twitter, deactivated his account earlier this week.


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