WATCH: Marquette Players Kneel, Wear Black Unis After Jacob Blake Ruling

AP Photo/John Peterson

The Marquette men’s basketball team donned black uniforms and took a knee during the playing of the national anthem on Tuesday night, in response to the decision not to prosecute the officers involved in the shooting of Jacob Blake.

Blake was shot after police were called to the home of his girlfriend on August 23 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after his girlfriend complained that he was violating a restraining order. Blake was shot by officers after refusing a lawful order to stop and trying to gain entry into a vehicle. Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley declined to press charges against the officers after determining that Blake was armed with a knife and officers had a reasonable right to believe they were in danger.

Marquette released a statement:

The shooting of Blake sparked several weeks of protest and violence across the country.

Gravely expanded on his reasoning for not charging Rusten Sheskey, the officer who shot Blake.

As the Associated Press reports:

Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley said investigators concluded Blake was carrying a knife when police responded to a report he was trying to steal a car. Officer Rusten Sheskey said he ‘feared Jacob Blake was going to stab him with the knife’ as he tried to stop Blake from fleeing the scene.

‘I do not believe the state … would be able to prove that the privilege of self-defense is not available,’ Graveley said.

Marquette University is located in Milwaukee, only 40 miles away from Kenosha.


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