Tom Brady Trolls Tony Dungy for Ranking Him the 6th-Toughest QB to Coach Against

Tom Brady
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

To those disrespecting Tom Brady, or, those perceived to be disrespecting Tom Brady, know that Tom Brady is listening and will retaliate.

During a recent episode of the Fox Sports podcast Club Shay Shay with Shannon Sharpe, former Indianapolis Colts head coach and current NBC NFL analyst Tony Dungy was asked to explain why he ranks Brady sixth on his list of most difficult quarterbacks to prepare for.

“Those mobile quarterbacks, that’s who I put ahead of Tom,” Dungy said. “Aaron Rodgers, John Elway, Steve Young, the guys who could move. Not saying Tom wasn’t great. He is great but that extra dimension meant something to me, so that’s why I would only put him at six.”

It’s clear from Dungy’s list and his own words, that he found preparing for mobile quarterbacks to be especially difficult. It should also be noted that every quarterback he put ahead of Brady, is either in or will one day be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Some of Dungy’s math is a little troublesome though. For example, he lists Aaron Rodgers, John Elway, Steve Young, and Peyton Manning (for obvious bias reasons considering Manning was in no way a mobile quarterback), which is only four quarterbacks. Meaning, presumably, Brady would be fifth on his list, not sixth, Unless Dungy has some other quarterback in mind that he just forgot to mention.

So, Dungy’s placement of Brady as the sixth most difficult QB to prep for is not really as big an insult as it initially seemed.

But, try telling that to Tom Brady.

After seeing Dungy’s comments Brady took to Twitter and attempted to troll Dungy by captioning the video with the comical “2014 AFC Finalist” banner that the Colts hung after losing to the Patriots in the 2014 AFC Championship game.

However, Brady wasn’t really trolling Dungy with this particular tweet because Dungy was not coaching the Colts in 2014. The 2014 “AFC Finalist” team was coached by Chuck Pagano. Meaning, Brady self-owned while attempting to own Dungy.

Brady would have been better served by using this lesser-known instance of the Dungy-led Colts hanging a 2003 AFC Finalist banner after they lost to the Patriots in that year.

In any event, Brady is technically right but dragged poor Chuck Pagano instead of his intended target of Tony Dungy. It’s not too often that Brady misses his intended target, but it happens.


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