Ohio State Coach Ryan Day Apologizes for Not Taking Knee During Thrashing of Nebraska

Ryan Day
Christian Petersen/Getty images

It’s expected, though not required, that coaches consider taking a knee in the final moments of games where they have huge leads. Ohio State coach Ryan Day does not seem to be overly concerned about those types of expectations.

With less than a minute left in the game and a 45-17 lead, Day elected to send his freshman backup quarterback Jack Miller on a running play that resulted in a touchdown.

“I feel bad about that,” Day said after the game. “I had a younger quarterback in the game, and I didn’t feel like we had the personnel to take the knee, and I probably should have done that. So I just want to publicly apologize to them, to [Nebraska coach] Scott [Frost].”

It’s difficult to understand what Day meant by saying he didn’t have the right personnel on the field to take a knee. One would believe that anyone could take a knee.

As ESPN reports:

Frost did not address Ohio State’s final touchdown after the game. He did take a timeout with three seconds left to run a final play.

Day said he would contact Frost to apologize. The two coaches have a good relationship, and Frost on Monday praised Day and Ohio State for joining Nebraska in the fight to reinstate the Big Ten season. Asked about several Nebraska hits in the second half, including targeting fouls by corner Cam Taylor-Britt and safety Deontai Williams, Day said, ‘I would be shocked if there was any malintent there.’

Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields had a near perfect day. Fields completed 20 of 21 poasses for 276 yards and two touchdowns.


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