Seahawks’ Russell Wilson: I Fear for My Children’s Lives

Russell Wilson
Getty Images/Drew Angerer

Seattle Seahawks star Russell Wilson says he fears for his children’s lives in the wake of the rioting and unrest after the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd.

Wilson posted an anguished message on Monday on his Instagram account telling fans “My heart hurts.”

“I fear,” the Seahawks quarterback said. “I fear for their lives just like my grandmother feared for my dad’s life and the lives of her other children.”

He added that the country needs “change” and an end to “police brutality.”

“We cannot continue to ignore racism as though it has ended, or never happened,” Wilson wrote in his post. “The continual violence inflicted upon blacks and people of color must stop. We need a change now.

“We need love. We need compassion. We need grace and forgiveness even in the midst of the pain. We need true leadership. We need justice. We need equality,” he continued.

“Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., wanted us to have a dream,” Wilson said. “I ask, what do you really want?”

“Do you want your kids to go to school without fear?” he asked. “Do you want your grandchildren to have a dream? I want my kids to have a dream they can earn — earn with hard work, love, and compassion for others. However, I hope and pray their dreams and opportunities aren’t blocked by the feats and pain caused by racism.”

The player concluded saying, “We can make a change. WE MUST MAKE A CHANGE. BLACK LIVES MATTER. God loves color. He loves us all. He loves you. He loves me.”

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