Scholla: Lenny Dykstra Fires Back at Author After Critical Piece

Lenny Dykstra
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In one of the worst written pieces in the history of the world, a ‘journalist’ named Judy Hopkins took some strange shots at former MLB outfielder Lenny Dykstra. The Mets and Phillies star fired back with gusto.

Just like he so often did on the field, ‘Nails’ nailed it.

The strange piece, titled: Lenny Dykstra Went From A Baseball Star To A Bankrupt Drug User, ran on a horrible looking site called Sportscasting. The site is chock full of poorly written pieces that are either designed to generate clickbait or give incompetent ignoramuses a forum to spew written diarrhea. Whatever the case, Dykstra called out the clown show in his classic style.

After this garbage was published, Dykstra took to Twitter to say ‘Clickbait much? Is this why you went into “journalism”, Judy Hopkins? I think even @cnn is making fun of your journalistic efforts, bruh-ette! @CrimeInSports, feel free to include her in the festivities… I kind of feel sorry for her. #Lame’

Dykstra went on to list specific examples of where Hopkins was wrong and inappropriate in a series of tweets that were better written than anything you can find on the garbage site, Sportscasting.

Not only is the Hopkins article years off in timing and relevancy, the writing itself is so bad, it is mind-numbing. In the piece, Hopkins pens “He ran running into walls.” Huh?

She adds “The Mets victory in the 1986 World Series was in no small part due to Dykstra’s performance including a leadoff home run.” True? Technically, yes. But, when? Where? What? Any writer past the first-grade level knows the line should have read more like ‘Dykstra’s leadoff home run in Game 3 of the World Series gave the Mets life at Fenway Park as New York attempted to climb out of an 0-2 hole in the best of seven’.

See, Judy? It’s not that hard.

She also writes ‘In 1986, Lenny Dykstra led the New York Mets to a World Series victory and almost won the National League MVP.” WHAT??? What does ‘almost’ mean in Hopkins’ world? Her ‘almost’ is like Bill Clinton’s ‘is’. Philadelphia third baseman Mike Schmidt ran away with the MVP in 1986. Dykstra actually did receive some votes in the balloting but no first-place votes. He finished 19th, with four New York teammates ahead of him. It was 1993 when Dykstra made his MVP run. As a Phillie, ‘Nails’ finished second to the National League winner Barry Bonds. Of course, any actual journalist would have researched that before writing down random words.

Since retiring from baseball, Dykstra has had his run-in with the law, Two years ago, he was arrested after an incident involving an UBER driver. He was eventually cleared. Recently, Dykstra has been posting funny tweets commemorating his two year anniversary of not being arrested. If Hopkins could take a joke, she would have laughed along with the rest of us, Instead, she just thought she’d post some smear job.

Hopkins relentlessly goes after Dykstra with veiled shots about things that happened or didn’t happen; recently, years ago, and decades ago. The whole thing is strange.

Does Hopkins want fame at Dykstra’s expense? Does she just want to hurt someone? Is she a bully? Hard to tell. But, one thing is for sure. Hopkins is a terrible writer who works for an awful website. They are a perfect fit.

Perhaps Dykstra sums it up best. In one of his tweets, he writes “Too much effort actually to read through my tweets? Easier to just lift and maybe paraphrase something someone else wrote a few years ago. Wasn’t there a time when journalists would be at the front lines of a bloody war, putting themselves at risk?”

That was a long time ago, Lenny. Now, it’s all fake news and hate. Hopkins fits in to today’s disgusting world of ‘journalism’ very well.

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