Triple Play: Mets’ Tebow Set for Dog Days of March

Tim Tebow
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Tim Tebow is no stranger to beating the odds. The southpaw slinger thrilled Florida Gators fans for four glorious seasons, arguably finishing his career as the greatest college football player of all-time.

Tebow went on to find success in the NFL, winning games at an impressive clip despite the naysayers picking apart his mechanics and his Christianity at every turn. In perhaps his most impressive athletic feat, Tebow went on to play in the New York Mets Minor League system. After not playing baseball since high school, Tebow became an Eastern League All-Star.

For the non-haters who actually know how hard it is to hit a baseball, it is not lost on them just how impressive it is to succeed at the grandest game of failure after not picking up a bat for decades. There is still a real chance that Tebow will one day reach the big club in Queens. But for all this man has done on the gridiron and on the diamond, he is about to embark on a new challenge that may be more daunting than anything he’s ever encountered in the athletic arena. Tim Tebow is now the proud papa of, count ’em, THREE eight-week-old puppies.

Tebow and his new bride Demi-Leigh Tebow made the big announcement this week about Tebow Pack. A three-pack of adorable puppies the couple recently added to the family. Paris is the little girl. She’s an adorable Dalmatian with eyes cooler than Max Scherzer’s. Clearly, she’s already a princess. Then there are her brothers. Chunk, the cutest Bernese Mountain Dog, who already has a big personality, and Kobe, a perfect-looking Golden Retriever. Three little puppies, all eight weeks old, quarantined with newlyweds.

The big three already have their own Instagram page and clearly the Tebows are in love with their new additions. With baseball on hold, Tebow will learn quickly that hitting Major League pitching has a lot in common with raising three baby dogs. Both can be challenging and both can keep you up nights, but if you can master either, the rewards are abundant.

Tebow is clearly a dog lover. He would rave about his old pal Bronco, a pup he’d had since 2010. After Bronco’s passing last year, Tebow was heartbroken. He spoke of Bronco with love and fondness. Now, the former Gator has three little chompers to care for.

Bronco would approve.

Mets players love their dogs. Jeff McNeil and his wife adopted an Alaskan Malamute named Willow last year. She’s become a fixture around the ball club. Brandon Nimmo and his wife adopted a Yorkie named Jake ‘The Snake’ Nimmo in 2018. Like the Tebow Pack, Jake has his own Instagram page. When it comes to the Mets, it’s always a bark in the park.

No word on if Golden Retriever Kobe is named after Kobe Bryant, but either way the little guy has a great name. As for Chunk, well, how can you go wrong with a Mountain Dog named Chunk? Tebow isn’t the only top athlete to have a dog named Chunk. Ronda Rousey and her husband have a Chunk of their own, a slobberknocker of a guy who is a bit of an Internet sensation of his own.

So while we are told to social distance and stay home, athletes will be doing the same. For Tim Tebow however, he will not be alone. The Heisman winner and his Miss Universe wife have three little angels to keep them company, not just through their quarantine, but for many, many years to come.

These are hard times for many Americans. We miss sports very much. Now more than ever, it’s a good time to rely on family and of course, all the dogs that make us smile no matter what is going on in the world. Let’s Go Mutts!

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