WATCH: Ohio State Fan Carjacked, Shot Pleads for Help on Doorbell Cam

Ohio State
Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla

An Ohio State football fan in Phoenix for the Fiesta Bowl was caught on a doorbell camera pleading for help after being carjacked, kidnapped, and shot on Sunday.

The victim, identified in public as Anthony, told the police he was sleeping in his car on Sunday morning in Phoenix when he awoke to find three armed teens yelling at him to open the doors, the New York Post reported.

The 32-year-old man from San Diego said he was forced into the back seat under armed guard, and his car was driven to an ATM where the attackers demanded that he take out as much money as he could.

A police report says that one of the teens arrested for the incident, 18-year-old Roderick Jabri Smith, confessed to taking $600 from the victim.

The victim’s sister told the media that the attackers drove him to Peoria, Arizona, where he was tossed out of the car, and shot as he tried to back away from the assailants.

“They told him to keep backing up and pointed the gun at him, and then they just said something about, ‘it’s over,'” the woman told KNXV TV. “And he said, ‘Just take me home,’ and they started shooting.”

“He feels very lucky to be alive, but he is extremely traumatized,” the victim’s sister added.

Witnesses that heard the gunfire claimed they heard up to eight shots, but the victim was hit only once in the lower back.

The man escaped further injury and made it to the front door of a home in the neighborhood where he appeared on the homeowner’s doorbell camera, pleading for help.

“Hey, I’ve been shot,” the victim said on the camera. “I’ve been shot.”

The homeowner, a firefighter, named Jerry, at first did not believe the man at his front door. But he quickly called the police and an ambulance for the victim.

“I could tell he’s hurt, in some way shape or form,” the homeowner told ABC News. “I’ve glad to hear he’s OK. I’m glad to hear he’s a righteous dude.”

Police later arrested three teens, one 16, one 17, and the aforementioned 18-year-old.

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