Hunter Mom Receives Death Threats for Pics with Dead Animals


A mother of two who practices sustainable hunting for food, reports getting death threats from anti-hunting activists critical of her pics with the animals she has killed.

New Zealander Lucy Rose Jaine, 29, has made an Internet personality of herself with her sexy hunting photos. Jaine tells fans that she practices sustainable hunting for food because she does not believe in the meat farming system.

“I hate factory farming so hunting wild meat is ideal,” Jaine says according to the New York Post. “It’s free, it’s fun and it helps the farmers.”

Indeed, Jaine claims that local farmers have encouraged her to keep hunting for wild pigs because her culling of those animals helps farmers be rid of the destructive creatures.

“A day hunting is always different but usually starts with packing the truck and heading off into the mountains or the bush,” she told the media.

“I like that we can teach our children how to hunt their own food. I hate factory farming so hunting wild meat is ideal, organic and sustainable,” Lucy said.

“When they find a pig, they let us know by barking and we follow our GPS to where they are.

“We then stick the pig or shoot it, gut it then carry it out.”

But many anti-hunting fanatics are not persuaded by her reasons for killing wild animals. Detractors have called her “sick,” “horrible,” “psychotic,” and a “horrible excuse for a human.”

Some have even threatened to kill her for her hunting habits.

“I’ve had a few death threats from people who just don’t have any experience with hunting,” she says. “Or maybe they are against animal cruelty.”

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