WATCH: Notre Dame Quarterback Breaks Cheerleader’s Nose with Stray Pass

Ian Book
Getty Images

Notre Dame quarterback Ian Book struggled mightily with his accuracy on Monday night, and none felt the full weight of his struggles more than the Louisville cheer squad.

During the fourth quarter, the Irish appeared to have a miscommunication which resulted in a broken play. Book, who was just looking to limit the damage and unload the ball before taking a sack, fired the ball over to the Louisville sideline. After leaving Book’s hand, the next body part the ball touched was the nose of a Cardinals cheerleader who immediately dropper pom-poms and raised her hands to her face.


The cheerleader, Elizabeth Scott, said on Twitter that the errant pass broke her nose. But that didn’t stop her from making a few jokes about the situation.

After a sluggish start, the Irish won the game 35-17.

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