Megan Rapinoe Says Her Father Voted for Trump, Watches Fox News

Megan Rapinoe
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Megan Rapinoe, one of the staunchest Trump critics in all of sports, has frequently been asked how she would talk to the president’s supporters if she were to discuss political issues with them. As it turns out, Rapinoe has a fair amount of experience at this, that’s because her father voted for President Trump.

In a recent interview with the Guardian, the U.S. Women’s National Team co-captain revealed that not only did her father vote for Trump in the 2016 election, but both of her parents are also regular viewers of Fox News.

Rapinoe spoke about her parents and their politics, while talking about their reaction to finding out that she was a lesbian.

“I was like: “You guys need to get on board or get out.” We had some tense times, but it came down to, “You’re either in this or not,'” Rapinoe said.

The USWNT World Cup hero also expressed dismay that her parents weren’t “progressives.”

“Both of my parents should be really progressive – especially my mom – and I don’t get that they’re not. I’m always saying: ‘You guys should really be Democrats!” But they’re not, so what’s happening?’

“I’m very similar to how they are, even though I think my dad voted for Trump,’ Rapinoe continued.

Rapinoe then explained how perplexed she was that her parents could have so much pride in her, while at the same time watching a cable news network that criticized her so frequently.

“I’ll say: “I don’t get it. How are you simultaneously as proud as punch of me, and watching Fox News all the time, [who are doing] takedowns of your daughter?” That’s why I’m like: “You guys need to go to therapy.”‘

While Rapinoe and her parents are clearly at odds, politically, Rapinoe says they are still close.

“It’s not like: ‘Ugh, I’m from a conservative town and I never talk to them any more.’ I talk to my parents all the time, every day. And I feel like I have seen progress and growth.

“I would love it if people understood you should never say racist things and be OK with gay people, or whatever it is. But, obviously, it doesn’t happen that quickly.”

In another portion of the interview, Rapinoe claimed that the U.S. Women’s National Team is “everything [President Trump] loves with the exception that we’re powerful, strong women.”

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