Rangers Fan Taken to Hospital After Being Hit in the Head by Foul Ball

Rangers Fan
AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth

A baseball fan was struck and injured by a foul ball at Global Life Park in Arlington, Texas.

A woman seated in the 25th row, was struck in the head by a foul ball off the bat of Willie Calhoun in the first inning.

The game paused for a few moments, as Calhoun looked on and took a knee at the plate while stadium staff made their way to the injured fan. After stadium staff placed a towel over her face to stop the bleeding, the woman was led away from the seating area and taken to the hospital.

According to Yahoo! Sports:

There have been multiple incidents of fans being hit with foul balls this season. A 2-year-old fan suffered a skull fracture after being hit by a ball in May. A Los Angeles Dodgers fan was hit in June. A 3-year-old was hit by a line drive in July.

Many players have called on Major League Baseball to install protective netting down the first and third base lines at ballparks. Cleveland Indians shortstop Franciso Lindor was among those players. He was at the plate when the ball hit the 3-year-old fan in July.

Some teams have responded, adding netting to their parks in 2019. The Chicago White Sox have done the most in that regard, adding netting all the way down to the foul poles on both sides of the field.

The Rangers have committed to adding protective netting when they move into their new stadium in 2020. However, they have not added protective netting at their current stadium.

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