WATCH: Texas Rangers Players Celebrate Home Run with Double Crotch Grab

Texas Rangers

Celebrations in sports have become increasingly festive and choreographed over the years. Though, what these two players for the Texas Rangers did after a home run takes things to an entirely new level.

In the second inning of the Rangers game against the Angels, Texas’ Joey Gallo hot a two-run shot to right-center and take the lead. However, the celebration that Gallo and fellow Ranger Nomar Mazara had near home plate, is what really grabbed the headlines.


Really? When did this become a thing? And how can we get into our Delorean and go back to a time when this thing wasn’t happening, so we can stop it?

So many questions.

Texas fell to Los Angeles 7-2. Meaning, that Gallo’s two-run shot was the only scoring play Texas had. Which was unfortunate for the Rangers, but very fortunate for everyone else who had no interest in seeing more crotch grabs.

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