The Peak of Woke: Cam Newton Raises Clenched Fist After Historic TD Run

Getty Images Jim Rogash
Getty Images/Jim Rogash

Figuring out where Cam Newton stands on matters of race, just kind of depends on when you talk to him. Last year, according to Cam, we were beyond race, as a nation. This week, Colin Kaepernick was a legend, and today, well, you figure it out.

On Sunday, Cam Newton became the first NFL quarterback to ever rush for 50 touchdowns. How did he celebrate this accomplishment? With a clenched fist, raised in protest:

According to ESPN, “The 50 rushing touchdowns are the second-most in the NFL since Newton was the first pick of the 2011 draft. Oakland’s Marshawn Lynch is first with 52.

“Newton said earlier in the week he wanted to join the rest of the NFL in its show of protest against the remarks and tweets of President Donald Trump.”

Newton said on Wednesday,”The message is unity for me, black, white, different minorities around America. That’s my message. I want everybody to come together. We get nowhere separated. People feeling oppressed and people that are rich looking down on other people, you don’t get nowhere with that. We all are created equal.

“We need to find some kind of way to come together to make the situation better. Because where we’re going now, it’s not healthy at all.”

Not sure how a raised fist, a symbol used frequently by militant racial activists like the Black Panthers, is in anyway healthy either. But hey, it’s not like anyone in the sports media will ask him that.


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