Cartman Does Deflategate on South Park Premiere

Cartman as Brady and Belichick

The Season 19 premiere of South Park featured a Deflategate dream sequence starring Eric Cartman as Tom Brady, co-starring Eric Cartman as Roger Goodell, and featuring a cameo of Eric Cartman as Bill Belichick.

“F#%* you,” Cartman’s Goodell informs, “you broke the rules.” Cartman’s Brady counters, “You broke the rules how you found out I broke the rules.” It continues in such fashion.

Titled “Stunning and Brave,” the episode’s jumping off point, the heretical thought that Caitlyn Jenner isn’t quite a hero, also borrows from the world of sports (the show notes Brett Favre insufficiently enthusiastic in his clapping for Jenner at the ESPY awards as well). The story follows the violent intolerance emanating from South Park Elementary’s new principal as a result of the non-inclusive language preferred by the children and townspeople.

The principal, hired after Principal Victoria loses her job because students referred to rape as a “hot Cosby,” gives Cartman four days of detention. Finding inspiration from Deflategate (“A perfect storm of hypocrisy that everyone in the country has to deal with for months on end”), Cartman fights the unjust punishment by framing the administrator for child rape, which the principal seems less concerned with than the fourth grader’s use of “capisce” (stereotyping Italians) and “spokesman” (excludes women).

“This place is lost in a time warp,” PC Principal complains. “Students who still use the word retarded. A teacher who said women without wombs should get an AIDS test.”


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