The Glock 43: For Moms Demanding Confidence Instead of Attention


Glock has announced the release of the Glock 43, a single-stack handgun that weighs only 17.9 ounces and takes concealability for the 9mm round to new levels.

It is a gun perfectly suited to concealed or Campus Carry for moms demanding confidence instead of attention.

The 9mm has advantages over smaller rounds that are frequently carried by women, but it has often been passed over in the female market because of the added bulk presented by a 9mm handgun. That bulkiness is done away with in the Glock 43, thereby putting the benefits of a more powerful round at the fingertips of moms everywhere.

And because the round is a 9mm, the Glock 43 will also be a great carry firearm for gentlemen who need to conceal their gun under business attire, for other concealed carry permit holders who simply need a gun they can carry under their shirt without worrying about the gun bulging or showing through the shirt, and for officers who need a backup weapon in a department-approved round.

The Glock 42 was the talk of the town last year because it brought the US an ultra-dependable self-defense gun that weighed just under 14 ounces empty. Now, the Glock 43 brings that same ultra-dependability in a configuration that weighs only 4 ounces more (approx.), yet puts the benefits of the 9mm in your grasp.

The time for this firearm is now, with concealed carry burgeoning among women and Campus Carry–with a focus on female self-defense–holding center stage in our national dialogue at this time.

The Glock 43 promises to be the perfect gun for moms who demand confidence instead of attention.

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