MILO: Male Feminists Are Virgins, Perverts, Or Both

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At his Auburn University lecture, MILO called men who sympathize with the third-wave feminist movements “virgins, perverts, or both.”

Of course, beyond the sexodus [men retreating from the modern dating market], feminism is also affecting birth rates by producing the pathetic, unloveable creature known as the “male feminist.””

According to MILO, adopting male feminism will have the same effect on yours sex life as self-declared celibacy.

“You’re unlikely to get laid if you’re part of the sexodus, sure, but celibacy is practically guaranteed as a male feminist.”

MILO also explained that male feminists use their participation in the movement to creep out the women they talk of protecting.

“These beta orbiting cucks proudly carry the feminist banner, but they look at the cause as their best hope to get laid. Why do you think so many male feminists turn out to be virgins, perverts or, even more often, both?”

Written from prepared remarks. 



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