MILO: Cancer Funding Is A Real Gender Gap

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During his talk at Auburn University, MILO touched on the topic of cancer funding and how it differs between sex-specific cancers.

MILO noted that the two are equally as prevalent in severity, but one seems to get more attention.

Breast cancer and prostate cancer effect a similar number of women and men respectively, and kill a similar number of their sufferers each year. But breast cancer receives more than double the research funding of prostate cancer, for no other reason than it affects women. And maybe because it involves tits.”

He continues on, in his tactful, delicate manner:

“In other words, not only is feminism cancer — it’s making other cancers worse!

That is a REAL gender gap.”

MILO shows he is on to something: If cancer is what plagues the feminist movement, maybe it’s chemo that they need.

Cancer patients receive chemo, which causes severe weight loss. Only a matter of time before it’s banned as a form of fat-shaming. What do we think: compulsory chemo for all self-described third-wave feminists? Maybe that’s too much to hope for.”

And with that, in conclusion, he covers the left’s incessant cries for money:

“Feminists constantly beg for money, especially on social media and through kickstarter projects that never seem to be completed.  Unlike those parasites, cancer sufferers do deserve your donations. I suggest the Prostate Cancer Foundation.”

Written from prepared remarks. 


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