NRA’s Amy Hunter: ‘Acquisition’ of Firearms Part of 2nd Amendment

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NRA Media Relations Director Amy Hunter stressed to host Joel Pollak on Breitbart News Sunday that gun stores are essential because “acquisition” of a firearm is part of what the Second Amendment protects.

Hunter said, “You can’t tell people that they have the ability to protect themselves, that they have a right to self-defense, and then eliminate the way in which they can practice that right. Acquisition is every bit a part of the Second Amendment.”

Breitbart’s Pollak asked Hunter to explain how the importance of access to firearms is especially clear at a time like this. Hunter responded by making clear she did not want to exaggerate the amount of chaos in the world right now.

She quickly added:

[However,] we are all seeing the headlines, and we are seeing things like people being let out of prison….police are getting sick. We’re seeing things like, police are not enforcing certain rules and the people themselves have decided, on their own–they’re viewing this situation, they’re making assessments, and they have deemed what is essential for themselves. And that is to go out and buy groceries, to make sure that they have all of the food and sustenance that they need, and they are also saying that they want to firearms, just to make sure that if this were to get in any worse situation then they would be able to protect themselves.


Hunters observed, “When seconds count, police are minutes away. So everyone is feeling like they need to have that firearm by them to be able to defend their own families.”

On March 28, 2020, Breitbart News reported the Trump Administration’s issuance of guidelines listing gun retailers and manufacturers as “essential” to our nation’s economic infrastructure.

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