Watch — Progressive Feminist Pro-Lifer: ‘Our Liberation Should Never Cost Another Innocent Human’s Life’

Women’s liberation should “never cost another innocent human’s life,” Kristin Turner, a far-left feminist, told Breitbart News on Wednesday outside of the Supreme Court, where the first day of oral arguments for Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization were underway.

“I’m here today representing the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, and we’re here to tell people you don’t need to be conservative or religious to support your unborn brothers and sisters,” Turner, communications director for Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU), said.

“We are here, telling people, bringing the message of pro-life feminism, that our liberation should never cost another innocent human’s life,” she said, holding a sign during the gathering reading, “Leftist, Feminist, Atheist, Vegan, Pro-Life.”

When asked about the pro-abortion counter protestors who tried to block her sign, Turner said it is common and that they try to do so “especially when we have a medically accurate fetal model.”

“They try to cover that because they don’t want people to see our message. They don’t want people to see that we are diverse young women and men who care about this issue and they just want us to be silent,” she said.

“Especially, I see a lot of men covering my signs,” she continued, noting that she was there to support the rights of pregnant women and ultimately, the unborn.

“I don’t think I should be silenced just because they’re afraid of who I am and afraid of my identity. And it is very telling that they want to cover up our message, because they know that we’re powerful,” she added.

Similarly, Herb Geraghty, executive director of Rehumanize International, who identifies as a pro-life atheist, told Breitbart News he also hoped to represent the “diversity that is among the pro-life movement.”

“So often I see the pro-abortion side and the mainstream media try to paint the pro-life movement as these old, conservative, Christian, homophonic white men who hate women, and we’re showing that that’s not true. We are much more diverse than that,” he said, scolding elitist Democrats and emphasizing that average Democrats want restrictions on abortion.

Ultimately, Geraghty said Democrats must listen to the “science” and end Roe v. Wade.


Matt Perdie


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